Agendas and Minutes – 2019

07/01/2019OPC MeetingPDFMinutes to be approved.
04/02/2019OPC MeetingPDFFuture Meeting
04/03/2019OPC MeetingFuture MeetingFuture Meeting
01/04/2019OPC MeetingFuture MeetingFuture Meeting
06/05/2019OPC MeetingFuture MeetingFuture Meeting
03/06/2019OPC MeetingFuture MeetingFuture Meeting
01/07/2019OPC MeetingFuture MeetingFuture Meeting
02/09/2019OPC MeetingFuture MeetingFuture Meeting
07/10/2019OPC MeetingFuture MeetingFuture Meeting
04/11/2019OPC MeetingFuture MeetingFuture Meeting
2/12/2019OPC MeetingFuture MeetingFuture Meeting

Agendas and Minutes – 2018

03/12/2018Meeting MinutesPDF
03/12/2018Meeting AgendaPDF
05/11/2018Meeting MinutesPDF
05/11/2018Meeting AgendaPDF
01/10/2018Meeting MinutesPDF
01/10/2018Meeting AgendaPDF
03/09/2018Meeting MinutesPDF
03/09/2018Meeting AgendaPDF
02/07/2018Meeting MinutesPDF
02/07/2018Meeting AgendaPDF
04/06/2018Meeting MinutesPDF
04/06/2018Meeting AgendaPDF
21/05/2018AGM Minutes PDF
21/05/2018AGM AgendaPDF
09/04/2018Meeting MinutesPDF
02/04/2018Meeting AgendaPDF
05/03/2018Meeting MinutesPDF
05/03/2018Meeting AgendaPDF
05/02/2018Meeting MinutesPDF
05/02/2018Meeting AgendaPDF
18/01/2018Village Meeting AgendaPDF

Agendas and Minutes – 2017

06/11/2017Meeting MinutesPDF
06/11/2017Meeting AgendaPDF
02/10/2017Meeting MinutesPDF
02/10/2017Meeting AgendaPDF
04/09/2017Meeting MinutesPDF
04/09/2017Meeting AgendaPDF
03/07/2017Meeting AgendaPDF
05/06/2017Meeting MinutesPDF
05/06/2017Meeting AgendaPDF
15/05/2017AGM MinutesPDF
15/05/2017AGM AgendaPDF
03/04/2017Annual Assembly MinutesPDF
03/04/2017Annual Assembly Agenda PDF
06/03/2017Meeting MinutesPDF
06/03/2017Meeting AgendaPDF
20/02.2017Planning Meeting MinutesPDF
06/02/2017Meeting MinutesPDF
06/02/2017Meeting AgendaPDF

Agendas and Minutes – 2016

05/12/2016Meeting AgendaPDF
07/11/2016Meeting MinutesPDF
07/11/2016Meeting AgendaPDF
03/10/2016Meeting MinutesPDF
03/10/2016Meeting AgendaPDF
19/09/2016Plannng Meeting AgendaPDF
05/09/2016Meeting MinutesPDF
05/09/2016Meeting AgendaPDF
04/07/2016Meeting MinutesPDF
04/07/2016Meeting AgendaPDF
06/06/2016Meeting MinutesPDF
06/06/2016Meeting AgendaPDF
09/05/2016AGM MinutesPDF
09/05/2016AGM AgendaPDF
04/04/2016Annual Assembly NotesPDF
31/03/2016Annual Assembly AgendaPDF
07/03/2016Meeting MinutesPDF
07/03/2016Meeting AgendaPDF
07/03/2016Additional Meeting Agenda ItemPDF

Agendas and Minutes – 2015

02/11/2015Meeting AgendaPDF
19/10/2015Planning Meeting AgendaPDF
05/10/2015OPC Approved Meeting MinutesPDF
05/10/2015Meeting AgendaPDF
05/10/2015Meeting Agenda AdditionalPDF
05/10/2015Meeting Minutes (to be agreed)
07/09/2015Meeting Minutes PDF
07/09/2015Meeting Agenda PDF
15/06/2015OPC Approved Planning Meeting MinutesPDF
15/06/2015Agenda planning meeting 15th JunePDF
06/07/2015OPC Approved Meeting MinutesPDF
06/07/2015Meeting Agenda PDF
01/06/2015OPC Approved Meeting MinutesPDF
01/06/2015Meeting Agenda PDF
11/05/2015OPC Approved AGM Meeting MinutesPDF
11/05/2015AGM Meeting Agenda PDF
13/04/2015Annual Assembly NotesPDF
13/04/2015Annual Assembly AgendaPDF
31/03/2015Ashford Rural South ForumPDF
16/03/2015Agenda planning meeting 16th MarchPDF
02/03/2015Meeting Agenda PDF
02/02/2015OPC Approved Meeting MinutesPDF
02/02/2015Meeting Agenda PDF
19/01/2015Minutes planning meeting 19th JanPDF
19/01/2015Agenda planning meeting 19th JanPDF

Agendas and Minutes – 2014

15/12/2014Minutes planning meeting 15th DecPDF
02/12/2014OPC Approved Meeting MinutesPDF
03/03/2014Meeting MinutesPDF
03/03/2014Meeting AgendaPDF
03/02/2014Meeting MinutesPDF
03/02/2014Meeting AgengaPDF

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