Hamstreet Village Confines – What Do You Think

Hamstreet Village Confines – What Do You Think??


Ashford Borough Council has put forward a draft proposal for the village confines of Hamstreet (see image below).

Orlestone Parish Council understand that under Policy HOU3 in Ashford’s Local Plan, development will be allowed to take place within the confines of a settlement.

They also understand that under Policy HOU5 development is allowed to take place outside the confines of a settlement.

Ashford Borough Council wish to apply both policies to Hamstreet. This will result in development being allowed in and out of the village confines.

Orlestone Parish Council have asked that these policies are not applied to Hamstreet – they want to see the existing controls regarding development to continue and that it is harder not easier to build on plots of land.  The proposed draft ‘Village Confines’ is senseless in relation to where development can take place if both policy HOU3 and policy HOU5 is allowed.


Ashford Borough Council are asking for comments on the proposed draft confines of Hamstreet by 11th February 2019. Please pass your comments to Orlestone Parish Council either via post to 37 Hillbrow Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 4QH or via email at stiffells@btinternet.com  Ian Grundy at Ashford Borough Council can be contacted for further details; email ian.grundy@ashford.gov.uk  or  post c/o Ashford Borough Council.

Hamstreet Village Confines poster information