Planning Query WS38 / HAM05

I have a query related to planning in Hamstreet.

Having recently moved into the village, I was aware of a consideration in the Ashford 2030 process to build houses to the rear on site WS38 / HAM05 with access up a track off Ashford road. Having researched it it looked like it was a submission for around 10 dwellings and was filtered out at stage 3.

I have since heard that there may be a new or more up to date plan for the site, involving a massive build of over 100 dwellings and possibly accessing it differently from the Warehorne road.

Please can you let me know if the council are aware of any current or potential plans for this land and any context that may help me find out more?

At the moment Ashford Borough Council are working on a Local Plan 2030, this contains various sites in the Borough of Ashford that have been earmarked for development. This Local Plan is still in the draft stages so nothing is decided.

In Hamstreet, Site 31 (plot of land opposite Hamstreet Primary Academy) was the only plot put forward for development.

A consultation process was held by ABC whereby people could comment on the draft plan. During the consultation Ashford Borough Council received a number of representations about sites that had been put forward for development but had been rejected by Ashford Borough Council and not put in the draft Local Plan. Ashford Borough Council have looked at these sites again and have decided that a number of them would be put in the Draft Local Plan and called ‘Omission Sites’. These can be viewed on their website. I think the site you are talking about is now an ‘Omission Site’. Orlestone Parish Council are now awaiting further comment from Ashford Borough Council about these sites

Letter from ABC regarding Omission sites