Question : Issues with parking and air quality outside the school.

Question : I am a parent at Hamstreet primary and I was wondering if any investigations had been done into whether double yellow lines or no park zones could be created at intervals along Hamstreet road outside the school to ease the congestion problems? If cars where able to pull in at certain points I think it would help to keep the traffic flowing. My main concern is actually air pollution. Have any air quality surveys been carried out outside the school?
Many thanks

Answer : Members of Orlestone Parish Council are only too aware of the issues of parking near Hamstreet Primary Academy (one member nearly lost their son when a lorry backed into him). This is a problem that is important to all of them.

They regularly request that the local PCSO and Kent County Council’s Community Warden patrol the area when they are on duty to help safe parking practises and to aid traffic movement.

The school actively encourages the use of the car park situated at Pound Lees Recreation Ground and walk to school initiatives.

The idea of double yellow lines and no parking zones has in the past been examined however these are not easily enforced and could be ignored. Some cars would park in other areas resulting in parking problems being more spread out. This is a residential area with many who live here parking their vehicles on the road outside their home. The idea of parking restrictions was not popular when discussed some time ago due to these reasons.

Unfortunately this is a problem that occurs around many schools in Ashford and there does not seem to be an easy answer.

This issues you have mentioned will be brought up again with our Borough Councillors (Aline Hicks and Gareth Bradford) and we will enquire if air pollution checks are carried out.