S106 Funding regarding playparks

What is the current state of discussion with ABC regarding the Redrow S106 funding for play spaces and green spaces in the parish?
When will there be a public meeting regarding the above as discussed at the last meeting?
What is the status of the re-designed, full scale parish survey regarding the above?

The Parish Council recently sent a letter to Ashford Borough Council regarding the 106 funding, the proposed survey and a request for a public meeting.
Following receipt of this letter an email was received from Ashford Borough Council, advising them not to do a survey as this would confuse matters and they were informed that Ashford Borough Council would hold a presentation event.
The Parish Council responding saying that they would not carry out the survey as requested but again asked that a public open meeting be held so that questions could be asked
Today an email was received from Ashford Borough Council informing members that they will hold an informal session between 2pm and 8pm on 2nd November in Victory Hall concerning 106 funding for play areas. There will be displays on how the play areas can be improved and representatives from Ashford Borough Council will be available to answer questions. They should be sending me information posters.

The Parish Council have also requested details of all the 106 funding that was available and how this was used in Hamstreet; besides funding being available for play areas, green space, playing fields and allotments. Funding had been set aside for Education, NHS and the Railway. These details have not yet been supplied by Ashford Borough Council.