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Section 106 Funding

Orlestone Parish Council sent a letter to Ashford Borough Council requesting a public meeting so that funding under the 106 agreement for play areas could be discussed fully. Ashford Borough Council were also informed that the Parish Council would be undertaking a survey concerning the funding and a request was made to itemise all funding under the 106 for Hamstreet and what it has been spent on to date.

Ashford Borough Council have advised the Parish Council not to do a survey stating ‘it may result in more confusion and indeed some frustration from those who have already made the effort to respond’ to the previous one.

Today (Thursday 29th September) the Parish Council have received an email which notes that their request for a public open meeting has resulted in Ashford Borough Council organising an open session where they are proposing to show options for spending S106 funding in a visual format by presenting it on display boards. Staff from Ashford Borough Council will be present to explain the options and background and to answer questions from residents on a “one to one” basis. Ashford Borough Council highlight that this way residents will have the opportunity to view the information at their own pace and then ask questions directly with officers etc. and provide feedback when they are ready. They will also provide forms for written feedback. Ashford Borough Council feel that the more traditional method of a formal presentation followed by an answer and question session (which the Parish Council requested) can be difficult to manage and often only benefits those who are comfortable with speaking in public and who “shout the loudest”. They feel this more informal approach will allow all residents attending the open day to engage with the process if they want to.

The open day will be held in Victory Hall on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 from 2pm to 8pm.