Why have OPC not run another survey regarding playparks?

Question : Good evening. As I was not permitted to speak at this evenings parish meeting I thought it best to send this email during the meeting. My concerns about are about the s106 funding for the play park. At the meeting it was resolved you would await the results of the recent ABC play park survey and you would follow the results. This is contrary to the meeting held in Sept when you agreed that the PC would conduct your own survey. Why hasn’t this survey been undertaken .The overall feeling at the Sept meeting that the community wanted both play parks to be retained. There is no reason why the s106 funding cannot be spilt between the two sites- the S106 doesn’t proclude this!! Why aren’t the Pc pushing that agenda. Let’s be honest, if ABC get their way they will have no liability to maintain any play areas in the village as Lancaster close will be gone and the village hall will maintain the brand new facility. This is stealth through the back door and should be resisted. The chairman at the meeting conceded that the ABC presentation did more to confuse than inform and yet you resolved to go with the result of the vote ,off the back of this presentation. How does this makes sense???? As to the suggestion that the residents maintain the Lancaster play park , with respect why should the community do this when there is sizeable amount of money in the s106 to maintain both for several years to come. Many thanks. .

Answer :

Thank you for your email.

You will note from the email below from Christina Fuller,
who has been overseeing this Section 106 funding, that she
strongly advised Orlestone Parish Council not to undertake
their own survey in relation to Section 106 Funding. On
this advice it was agreed that another survey would not take

The Parish Council asked that a public open meeting be held
so that questions could be asked and answers received along
with plans and details of how the funding could be spent
however Christina Fuller argued that this would not be of
benefit and said that they (ABC) would hold an open session
where plans and appraisals would be available.

The Parish Council have argued that the funding could be
shared and Christina in her email below notes that there
would be three options provided at the open session for
spending the funding.

I am not sure where the suggestion that residents could
maintain Lancaster Play Park came from; I believe that this
idea came from residents who had attended a previous

The Parish Council have been talking and meeting with
Ashford Borough Council for over 2 years regarding this
funding and I believe that members feel that they have been
misled and a lot of time has been wasted in discussing this
issue with various representatives from Ashford Borough
Council who after a few months move to another position and
things that were discussed were forgotten. Many times it
has felt as if we are going round in circles with the same
things being discussed but with different representatives
with no progress being made.

I am not sure if this answers your questions but members
feel that they have done everything they can. If you
have any further questions, it may be better that you
address them to Christina Fuller at Ashford Borough