The Parish Council have been offered the opportunity to purchase land that lies beside the existing Pound Leas Recreation Space.

We see this as a great way to safe guard the land from any further development in the village and plan to use this green space to provide better recreational facilities which will include a walking track, a bicycle  pump track, additional football pitches, an area to play cricket and parking.

We hope that you agree that this is a fantastic proposal and will support us.

To purchase this land the Parish Council, need to take out a loan.  To be able to pay this loan your Precept will be increased.  This will be approximately £1 a month increase for those living in a Band D property rising to approximately £2 a month increase on a Band H property.

The letter can be seen here.  We created this short presentation (Text Version) below, which was shown to Damien Green MP and received his full support.  We would like to consult with the Parish to gain feedback to this proposal.  Please use the form to the right of this page.


Thank you