Orlestone/Hamstreet War Memorial committee.

In early 2019 the Orlestone Parish Council formed a small committee to research what would be involved in the establishment of a war memorial for Hamstreet as we are one of only a few villages in the area not to have a war memorial.

The memorial would be for all those killed on active service since the Great War. Initially we needed to establish how many names there might be.

We now have a list of 15 possible names from the First World War and 4 from the Second World War and are still investigating. There are many other names recorded against surrounding villages/parishes and given the possible inaccuracies of information and parish boundary changes we are compiling more information on the names we have. E.g. the 1911 census for the 1WW victims, Royal British Legion, local history websites, etc.

Should a member of your family have died in the service of their country we would welcome any further information on the names, their background, service history, etc.

The list is available to view here and will be regularly updated with addresses, service records and decorations.

Once we have an agreed list of names then we can move on to design, siting, and fund raising and then getting planning permission, etc. etc.

Should you have any suggestions on the possible location of the war memorial or the design then please let me know.

If you have any information or views on this project, or would like to help then we would welcome your input.

Please feel free to email or phone me. Thank you.

Julian Griffiths

E: Juliangriffiths150@gmail.com

M: 07973 307162