Flood Wardens

Flood Risk in Hamstreet.

The Environment Agency (EA) recognises that the Speringbrook is an area prone to Flooding and monitors it.

The EA issues:-

Flood Alerts (Flooding is possible. Be prepared) and

Flood Warnings (Flooding is expected. Immediate action required).


Flood Alert Name :- Hamstreet Arm Area

Flood Alert Description :- The Hamstreet Sewage Arm Speringbrook Sewer from Dukes Meadow and Ruckinge Road, Hamstreet to the Royal Military Canal, including Hamstreet

Flood Line Quick dial code :- 217021


Flood Warning Name:- Speringbrook Sewer (Hamstreet Arm)

Flood Warning Description:- Speringbrook Sewer Hamstreet Arm, between The Street and Bournewood

Flood Line Quick dial code :- 317056


The Floodline number is 0345 988 1188


Receiving Flood Alerts and Warnings

You can sign up to the Environment Agency Flood Warning Service.

Visit the EA website https://www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings or call them on the Floodline telephone number 0345 988 1188 (24-hour service)

If logging on you can request voice warnings to both landlines and mobile, text to your mobile or email.

You are then asked if the requirement is for your home or a business – select home and then when prompted enter your postcode and select your address from the dropdown offered.

You may well get the message that “we do not give warnings for this postcode” (luckily you are on high ground) however you will see the option to “search the nearby area” this will bring up a list of areas you can get warnings for and their type – see below:-


Area Warning type Map Sign up
Coast from Folkestone to St Mary’s Bay Flood Warning View map Sign up for this area
Speringbrook Sewer (Hamstreet Arm) Flood Warning View map Sign up for this area
Coast from Sandgate to Dungeness Flood Alert View map Sign up for this area
Hamstreet Arm Flood Alert View map Sign up for this area


It is easier to just select one at this stage to sign up for.

After entering your name, email and contact numbers you will get a terms and conditions page to agree to.

The next stage is that they send you an email telling you that you have signed up for flood warnings and your customer reference number. More importantly this has a link which you must click on within 24hours. When you click on this you have to choose a new password.

Once in you can change/add contact details and add other warnings and alerts you might like.

Then if there are any flood warnings you will get calls and/or texts day or NIGHT!

Good luck and let’s hope we do not get any warnings