This page is dedicated to the consultation process for the purchase of land adjacent to the current Pound Lees playing field.


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Online Announcement



At the Orlestone Parish Council Meeting of 4th December 2023, it was RESOLVED to seek the approval of the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to apply for a PWLB loan of £200,000 over the borrowing term of 49 years for the purpose of purchasing land beside Pound Leas Open Space in Hamstreet for the recreation use of those living in the community.  The annual loan repayments will come to around £15,340.


It is also intended to increase the Council Tax Precept for the purpose of the loan repayments by 52.72% which is the equivalent of an additional £12,000. 


Precept increase consultation to those living in the parish took place during the month of November 2023.  Letters were distributed to every household in the parish and were also placed on the noticeboards, shop windows and the Parish Council’s website.  This letter stated that the Parish Council wished to purchase land that sat beside the existing Pound Leas Recreation Ground for the use of recreational and sporting facilities for the benefit of those who lived in the parish.  A public consultation/presentation was held on 5th November 2023 between 11am and 4pm in the Hamstreet Sports Pavilion and members of the public were invited to give their opinion on the proposal of raising the Precept so that a loan could be undertaken to enable the purchase a parcel of land that adjourned the existing Pound Leas Recreation Ground.  An online questionnaire was also available for those wishing to make a comment.


March 2024


1. Announcement 2. Results 3. Initial Letter to Residents

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit our events and/or vote online.

The results from the online poll are as below :-

And some of the comments were :-

Go for it x
A positive addition to the village
Great idea to support community sport and recreation. Also better than more houses!
Fantastic opportunity for Hamstreet
What a fantastic opportunity for the village. It’s brilliant if we are able to keep the green space and make good use of it
As a parent of a child who goes to HYFC I fully support the development of the land, it is a great idea which looks like it will provide great facilities for the community for both adults and children.
I think this will be an excellent addition to the village. I hope the proposed pump track will be substantial in size to encourage users of varying ages and abilities. My sons want you to know they are excited about the pump track.
This will be great for everyone in the village
Great idea, happy to pay an increased precept to make it happen
Looks Fab 🙂
The bicycle pump track is a good idea for the “yoof”
I think this will be an amazing and necessary addition to our growing village. The space is needed for all the residents physical and mental health. Thank you!
Since hamstreet football club has re-opened it has been a real hub for parents with younger kids and helped us get to know new people (young and old) in the village. The pavilion is an excellent facility, but unfortunately with only four team age groups the space is already running out. Also the existing pitches are getting waterlogged in winter  so new pitches with proper drainage are much needed!
Well done to all !
Local people will benefit largely from this as area and surrounding areas don’t provide much alternative
Would be good to clarify if increase to precept would be for a fixed period or indefinite
Good idea, go for it. What about some exercise equipment for the more mature village members?
Would love a Hamstreet cricket club. Would also like rugby posts as well!
Yes definitely in favour
Brilliant idea
Asset to the village and prevent further development
Although I now live in Canterbury, I was brought up in Hamstreet, went to school there, my late father managed Tippens Garage, I lived at Orlestone Villa in the late 70s and I still have family in the area, so I would welcome the proposal. Hamstreet is very different now compared to my earliest memories from the 50s. Good luck.
I think this would be a huge benefit for our parish. I think an added bonus would be a small skate park,  even 1 half pipe or similar to St micheals or New Romney. We have Sk8side (youth team)  in Ashford who already do outreach to areas with free lessons and this would include a group of children, teens and adults who aren’t into “traditional sports” there’s things such as Girls skate which is also a great inclusive initiative.
I think this is a fantastic opportunity for the village. I love the idea of a walking/ running track. It would be good if it could be lit with low lights for winter dog walking/ jogging. I am also excited about a pump track or skate facility for the kids. Maybe a shelter for them to hang out in as well. Great stuff. Thanks
Great to hear of a potential bicycle pump track being proposed. If funds and plans allow, a small skateboard/BMX park would also be great.
Exciting times
I live in Hillside Cottage which is directly opposite where the proposed allotments would be. I am unsure where the extra parking and access will be? It’s not clear on the presentation and I would not want it directly opposite my house as it would impede my access to my house and if not planned carefully, people could park on my land opposite.
The field also significantly floods and is currently flooded now, if drainage is put in to improve this, I would not want this resulting in flooding to my property which is currently flood free.
I would also like to see speed bumps along the road and the 30 mile a hour zone extended out of the village. This would allow careful access. Currently on a daily basis drivers go past at 60 mile an hour though the 30 mile an hour zone and then threaten me with violence if challenged.
The use of the land is better for this purpose than for extra houses and developments.
Hope the stream by the new allotment area is to stay. Also hope some trees will be planted on the West side of field too.
Please keep the stream by the south end of field. Please plant trees to the West side of field as a wind break.
I fully support this proposal and hope it encourages others for recreational purposes.
The current proposal would involve the removal of all the mature trees on the current boundary.
The expanded car park area is not clearly shown but assumed to be on the approach to the pavillion.
From October to March (Autumn / Winter) both fields are liable to flooding as seen on 3rd November and extensive drainage works would be required.
The pump track is a minority sport and ones in the local area do not seem to be used. The costs would be very high.
The allotments and activity trail are good facilities.
Will the existing public footpath along the bottom of the field be maintained.
Will there be additional access at the south end where the current gate is.
Have any preliminary costings been done.
I did not receive the Resident notice until the 4th November and was unable to attend the presentation but would be interested if there was another presentation given more notice.
Makes perfect sense to congregate parish sports amenities together, whilst protecting parish green space
With the problems concerning Stourmouth and developement to the North of Ashford,we are right in the firing line for future developement. If we carry this idea forward it will not only protect the space in question from future building works but will also be an addition/enhancement to our already splendid recreational facilities, for all the village to enjoy.
A fabulous addition to the village
I think it’s a great way to get more facilities for Hamstreet, especially for cyclists and also it will be nice to see our national game of cricket in the village. Also it will protect green fields from more over-priced houses that do nothing to ease the housing crisis or help local people on local wages.
We are both completely in favour of this proposed development. Well done, OPC!
This will be a great asset to out Village and future generations
Small price to pay having my Precept increased
Sounds like a good plan
Excellent plan 💯
This will be excellent for the village and  secure valuable sporting facilities for our kids for the future.
This is a great plan that will support the wellbeing, activities not only of children but all ages in our and near by communities. With the amount of new homes our village is growing and therefore the recreation facilities should expand.
The proposed plan seems to cater for young generation to keep them active in a safe environment but also older population with allotments,  walking routes, not withstanding our teenage generations that at the moment lacking any entertainment/activities within our village. As a parent of young child and taking part in this community,  I would welcome such development and personally believe it is necessary to support the growing population of Hamstreet and surrounding villages.
Fabulous idea


1. Announcement 2. Results 3. Initial Letter to Residents