Highways Improvement Plan (HIP)
This document is a proposal for discussion.
It will eventually be put forward to KCC/ABC.
Any Views please comment on the OPC contact form or talk to a Parish Councillor.


Summary of Proposals


Proposal Number Proposal Last Action Next Action
1 Ashford Road N move 30 mph limit sign to before Church Lane.
2 Ruckinge Road move 30 mph sign to before brow of hill at Bankside House.
3 B2067 Warehorne Road move 30 mph sign to before Burr Farm.
4 B2067 Warehorne Road move traffic island at the beginning to conform with highways standards for turning.
5 Dukes Meadow right pointing arrow painted on road at junction with Ruckinge Road (One way Street).
6 Quince Orchard & Bourne Lane both to have left pointing arrows painted on road at junction with Ruckinge Road (One way Street).
7 Existing arrows on the Ruckinge Road to be repainted.
8 Bourne Lane put speed bumps either side of the pedestrian exits from Lancaster Close to slow traffic.
9 The Street Use traffic lights to control flow on single lane road with specified parking on the McColls side and bollards opposite to protect properties.
10 Double Yellow lines from The Street to Cock Lane. This is the responsibility of Ashford Borough Council (ABC) – we have been advised that the road is too wide to warrant double yellow lines. Cannot Proceed.
11 Road Widening to support increased traffic from new housing estates.
12 Pedestrian footways widened/smoothed.
13 Cycle Lanes Strategy to link up with recognised cycleways and aid leisure.
14 20 mph speed limit Station to Surgery & Station to Pound Leas.
15 Drainage improvements.
16 Street/Bollard lighting improvements.