High Street Parking

Orlestone Parish Council are concerned about the number of vehicles that are parking in the main high street. Sometimes these are delivery lorries unloading or cars parking whose inhabitants are visiting the shops/businesses in the area. Due to the narrowness of the road, the vehicles are parking on the pavements and kerbs which is resulting in damage to them and making it at times impossible for pedestrians to walk along the footwells. At times those living along the road have found it hard to access their property due to a large vehicle being parked outside.

To try and remedy the problems we have sought help from the Highways Agency. We have explored further parking restrictions; the installation of a loading/unloading bay; bollards along one side of the road. However every suggestion has not proved practical. For example there is no-where to put a loading/unloading bay that is close enough to the businesses to be used; there is not enough clearance space for bollards along one side or part of the road to help prevent vehicles parking on the pavements; the footwells being too narrow and there is the additional issue of a BT chamber which suggests underground cables have been laid within the footway sub-structure which also prevents the installation of bollards.

The only remedy being that those visiting the businesses in the area use the car-park behind McColls or at Pound Lees. Traffic Wardens have been asked to visit the area more frequently. Unfortunately Hamstreet is suffering from an older village layout being spoilt by modern transport.